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GATEWAY P.A.A.L.S is  a threefold subscription service; providing resources in support, mentoring/coaching and training. We will help Public Service Professionals conveniently and confidentially connect with a broad network of high quality health and wellness Service Providers and Small Business professionals via online platform and live support events.

Public Service Professionals are exposed to high levels of trauma and stressful situations daily. They frequently work beyond their contracted hours leading to mental and physical exhaustion. Public Service Professionals receives lots of training on how to care for others, but not nearly any about self care. The limited resources and lack of quality support services to help Public Service Professionals manage stressors of their careers and personal lives. Public Service Professionals must embark on the challenges venture of finding the right service, professional or program. Sadly, many abandon the process and DO NOT SEEK THE SUPPORT NEEDED! Service Providers or Small Businesses find it challenging to find customers due to the limited resources.

The culture of stoicism present among Public Services Professionals often leads to suffering without the proper support, or self care training. Public Service Professionals are defined as members of the public safety sector- police, sheriff, corrections, firefighters, EMS personnel, dispatchers and support services within these departments including non uniforms civilians because they are exposed to indirectly or secondary stressful effects.

Public Service Professionals reported feeling invisible, depressed, silenced or isolated from society, family or friends. These feelings are due in part to their work schedule but also the trauma experienced and witnessed daily in their line of work. Service Providers and Small Businesses typically don’t have a dedicated team of individuals to focus on marketing activities or generating leads because financial budgets are tight and time consuming.

Who will care for those who care for others? GATEWAY P.A.A.L.S will help Public Service Professionals expose their true identity beyond the badge! We will also develop partnership throughout the community with small business owners to help in this effort to support these Public Service Professionals on their journey to self care. Contact a referral specialist today for more information.

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"For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind."

2 Timothy 1:7

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